About "Good News Seattle!" 


Robert Anthony has had a unique story. He has never been formally ordained or formally a part of any religious organization yet somehow God has opened doors for him to preach in some 30 Christian denominations throughout 30+ US states and 15+ countries of the world. Most of Robert's education comes from life experience: he can not boast of degree's of study, religious accomplishments or of any affiliation to be considered "acceptable" or " approved of". Yet somehow God continues to use this man to spread His Good News throughout the world!

A young man once heard about Robert and his time serving the Lord abroad from one of his friends. The young man was expecting to meet someone great and powerful perhaps? He was expecting to meet someone very different. At one point in time, while visiting Robert's home, over dinner, he exclaimed, "It's surprising how normal you are! I wasn't expecting you to be such a regular guy..." 

Robert is a very "regular guy" who has been affected by a very Extraordinary God!!! Robert is a very normal and imperfect man but yet God has used him in very amazing and profound ways to communicate this Good News - God love you. He is our Father. He sent His Son Jesus to save us. The whole story is true!

Religion divides.  These things men build divide but the things that God builds bring His blessing and love to the earth! There is no religion in heaven.  In heaven we are a family, "The family of God". We don't have to live afraid.  We don't have to question or doubt God's ability to save men. We can love people, with the power Jesus has given us and Everyone who desires to saved, WILL BE SAVED, "For all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." We need not live afraid. There is hope! Our Father is going to make everything awesome!

None of us see perfectly.  We are all somewhat blind. Let us journey together, learning from one another, growing together in this holy faith, growing in love... "only then will we see fully, as we are fully known." 

Join us Saturday Evenings at 10 p.m. on 820 am "The Word" or on this website, live as we journey together further towards the kingdom of God and His love for us!

It's going to be awesome!  

There is so much Good News, Seattle!!!

God has a wonderful and perfect plan for us!