The Good News! 

God loves us!  He isnt playing some horrible game with us, He isn't against us, He isn't in any way a bad God or a terrible Father.  God is love and He is a perfect Father!  

We have been taught poorly about Him.  Most of us have been taught many religious things, or lies that were never taught to us from our Father (who love us). We have been taught to be afraid.  We have been taught to judge (even harshly). We have been taught condemnation instead of mercy.  We have not been taught to be fathers and men of God.  By in large we have not been taught to be mothers and women of God.  Mostly we have been taught to live in bondage, enslaved to our fears, doubts and unbelief. But there is so much GOOD NEWS!!! 

My mother was raised Catholic. My father was a Jew. I was raised mostly Pentecostal in suburban Los Angeles, California. Our fathers, our church fathers, our nations fathers have not given us a clear picture of God's love. And it is not their fault. They were not given a clear picture and neither were there fathers before them. We have no one to blame. We could blame many spiritual problems and that would probably give us the greatest path to freedom, but there is even more than this!  There is a Father, who gave up His Son to die for us that we would come to know Him and live in His love.  

In God's love there is no fear. In His love there is no bondage or burden. In His love there is Hope and Freedom, there is a Promise and an everlasting Covenant! In His love there is no division, there is only the peace that surpasses all understanding and joy unspeakable! This was always God's plan for us. He has always been good and He has always given His love to us, without any conditions. Men have rejected God. We have all done it.  We have all fallen short. But God has never and will never stop loving us. This is the Good News that Jesus Christ proclaimed and then died for. He died to show God's love for us is true! 

According to His Word, eventually we will come to surrender to His love.  Perhaps it is this generation who will be those chosen to finally receive His love and be made His children?  I hope so. I hope I am one of them. And so I pray, "Father help me to surrender to your love.  Help me to be and live in Your love all the days of my life, with my family, friends and those neighbors who You put before me. Help those of my family and generation receive Your true love and be blessed by your righteousness. Until then help me to trust You, Father.  And wait upon you until all these promises are received.  Help us to not grow weary in waiting.  Help us to be faithful with the day and trust that You will finish what you began! I know you will Help us.  Thank you for your Spirit. Your Word is Truth.  In Your Son's most holy name I pray, Amen." 

There is no bad news for those hidden in Christ. There is not bad news for those who have received the love of God as is given in Jesus. "God works all things for good for those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose." There is an incredible story unfolding in our lives, its the testimony of Jesus alive in the hearts, minds and souls of men who have received Him! And it's only going to get more amazing! Hold to this hope, it is The Word of God...  Amen. 

Come away from those who hold to their fears and reject His love. Do not partner yourselves with those who would condemn the world and be a curse to their neighbors. Do not join yourselves with anyone who has rejected God's love and labors for fear, to condemn, to judge, to divide, to hate and to injure. This is not the Spirit of Christ of the spirit of antichrist. Preach the Good News! There is salvation for this world.  There is salvation in the name of the Lord!  There is Hope!  There is mercy and there is Salvation! 

Jesus did not come to condemn the world.   
But with the love of God, Jesus came to set the world free! 

Let us Go and love them.  
Let us extend to the world His mercy and forgiveness

There is no fear in His love...  He will teach us to love... 

This is the Good News, not that I am able or capable,
But the Spirit in me is greater than the spirit in this world....

We have such Good News!! 

And it just gets better and better 


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